Once you have exhausted the usual dating routine of dinner and a movie you can be left scrambling to find fun things to do with your boyfriend. Here are some great ideas which add a twist to your next date night with your man.

If you and your man are into drinking cocktails then you are in luck. There are more and more bars opening which have old school themes and only serve traditional mixed drinks. Many of these bars have “bar keeps’ instead of bar tenders who use old slang such as “dame” and “boss” when they take drink orders.

Many of the revival old school cocktail bars will offer live entertainment such as jazz and swing bands on different nights. You and boyfriend could take a step back in time and cut a rug together while enjoying some vintage tunes. This can be a highly entertaining thing to do with your boyfriend.

In almost every major city several burlesque troops have formed. These troops consist of girls who preform shows in the same way burlesque girls did during vaudeville days. These shows are fun and sexy with out any nudity.

Find any bars in your area which host burlesque nights. This is can be entertainment which makes a great outing to enjoy with your boyfriend.

Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

Comedy clubs can offer a different thing to do with your boyfriend. Many comedy clubs even offer package which have drinks and dinner included. Partaking in one of these packages can give you bot an evening which will leave a smile on both of your faces.

While many men do not care for going to see a romantic comedy at the movies they can be enticed to go if it were a play. Many local theater companies offer ticket packages which include dinner in the price. This is a great thing to with your boyfriend where you can both get dressed up and go paint the town red.

If you and your boyfriend are a little more adventurous then you may want to consider going to your local paintball or air soft gun facility. Here you will run and hide while you try to shoot each other with either paint or soft pellets. You and your boyfriend can experience lots fun in this exciting thing to do both your boyfriend. Just be sure you both are not too competitive.

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Once you have lived in your city for a while, you forget all of the things which tourists come to your city to do. Act as if you are from out of town and take your boyfriend out to rediscover your city. Some the things people forget there city has to offer include the zoo and art museums.

When many couples start to rediscover their city they usually realize at least one of them has not done something which is a major tourist attraction in your city. Visiting these places can be truly fun things to do with your boyfriend.