Are you looking for ways to surprise your boyfriend this Valentines Day? If so, then the following ways to make this Valentine’s Day one he will remember will help you. It can be hard to find ways to surprise a man on Valentine’s Day but with these tips you are sure to do it with ease.

Men usually do not think to pamper themselves in the same ways that women do. If you want to really impress your man, take the mentality we women have towards how we like to be treated and pampered and flip it. This means taking ideas about what you want and making them masculine.

Take getting your hair done in an upscale salon and getting a manicure and pedicure. These days almost every major city offers a male exclusive salon which offers them these types of services. You can get your boyfriend a gift certificate for a day of pampering where he can get a haircut, old fashioned shave, and a male manicure and even a pedicure.

Some of these males’ salons even serve bourbon and cigars to their customers. Your sweet heat will be sure to be surprised with this gift he may never have thought to give himself.

Another way to give you man an unexpected gift on Valentine’s Day is to fulfill a fantasy he may have had such as flying. There are many flight schools and personal pilots who offer packages for people to get the chance to go up in an aircraft for a flight and get limited use of the controls once in the sir.

Getting your boyfriend a gift certificate for one of these mini flying lessons will leave him excited and thrilled with you.

Great Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend

Great Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend

If you have a man who enjoys beer or a particular type of liquor there is a great way for you to give your boyfriend an unusual gift. This would be to enroll him in one of the many beer of the month or liquor of the month clubs offered online. One a month he can receive a six pack of a well crafted microbrew or well aged liquor. This is a gift he will than you for month after month.

There are even cigars of the month clubs if your boyfriend prefers to smoke stogies. This can be a great gift to unexpectedly please your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Plus, he will be pleased with this gift long after Valentines Day has ended.

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This is a great time of year to check out of your boyfriend favorite band is coming to town this summer. Many concerts will go on presell and regular sales this time of year for those summer concert dates. Check and see if you can buy tickets to a concert he would love to attend. If you can not then an alternative is get him a gift certificate to bury the tickets later.

If you give the gift certificate include the dates the tickets will go on sale in the card. Whether you supply the love of your life with the tickets or the gift certificate, he is bound to be happy.

With a little work it can be easy to find ways to surprise your boyfriend.